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Thanks MixMonkey :-)
Clever solution to open GUI!

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Glad you got it working

If you want the FX window to open when you select the slot, you can double up on the Push Action:
	Zone FXMenu|1-8
		DisplayUpper| FXNameDisplay |
		DisplayLower| NoAction
		Rotary| NoAction	
		RotaryPush| GoFXSlot |
/Float FX window for selected slot		
		RotaryPush1 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX1
		RotaryPush2 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX2
		RotaryPush3 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX3
		RotaryPush4 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX4
		RotaryPush5 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX5
		RotaryPush6 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX6
		RotaryPush7 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX7
		RotaryPush8 Reaper _S&M_FLOATFX8
Note the use of the longhand form (the shorthand | won't work with the SWS Action)

Just realised I left the RotaryPush line out of my original reply (I'll correct that) but I guess you figured that out

I have a button mapped that closes all the floating FX windows, to clean up:
SomeButton Reaper _S&M_WNCLS3
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