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Default mackie MCU - cycle actions to combine with CSI

Originally Posted by WaveTrans View Post
As far as I understood, jogwheel is not implemented yet, but the Jogwheel hack works fine and you can copy it from post #5487

If the cycle actions work for you, how did you set them up? like it is described in malcolms wiki?

donīt know about this window opening stuff, but would be interesting to know how this works.

Thanks WaveTrans - I explained in another post a few days back as these all stopped working in reaper 6 but went back to 5 and all is good...
In short - I have been modding them/ setting them up for over a year to get by till I got enough brains to work this stuff out I'm happy to upload the config file for you (mines mac) i do a lot of mixing and like to see instrument groups quickly and it works like this:
KEYS 1 TO 0 are 1-bass tracks - any tracks with bass in the name then zooms only tracks with actual items in 2 is drums - same concept - till i get to 9 then 0 is my final drum/music/master busses zoom (toggled) A is overview all tracks b is all busses. The MCU follows this perfectly. plugs are f13 to f17 floating windows of sorted plugs into uses - window closes when plug is selected.
That's very briefly it. The remote sl25 is programmed for plugin type as well so i just dial into that the type of plug and it's all labelled. I only need the MCU to try and replace the keyboard / mouse for all other functions and with the hard work done already on this it's very nearly there.
Even just having the SENDS working like they do with with the CSI absolutely brilliant. I want to transfer the hotkeys assigned to all these into the buttons on the MCU. There's stacks more i 've done and not explained here that refine the process - all adds up to faster more tactile mixing
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