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I don't have a tone knob on my guitar. I do have a switch that's like turning a tone knob all the way down, though.

I actually spent some time and made a bank of ReaEQ presets to match the frequency response of some of the amp sims that I use most often in PodFarm. Actually, it's sit into two on the Stash - one for the amps themselves (with tone knobs kind of preset to where they sounded good to me at the time) and one for the cabinets. The amp presets are LOUD because they're supposed to feed into a saturation plugin. I think they've all got some weirdness happening in the plugin pins which I should probably fix someday.

Edit - I did that mostly just to see how close I could get, but also for my live rig where CPU can start to get tight. Two instances of ReaEQ with my JS sin_amp (also in the Stash) in between uses like a third the CPU of a PadFarm amp, and it really is close enough for me.

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