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Some progress here.
What I'm trying to achieve is to send a float number fom my MIDI controller (Teensy) to OSCiiBot. This float number is normalized to 1024, so it has decimals and it goes from 0 to 1.
So far I've manged to pack this float into a SysEx message, like this:

for (int i = 0; i <= 3; i++) {
paramValMSB[i] = (mapped.bytes[i] >> 4) & B00001111;
paramValLSB[i] = mapped.bytes[i] & B00001111;

// SysEx message assemby
uint8_t buff[] = {SysExStart, paramNumMSB, paramNumLSB, paramValMSB[0], paramValLSB[0], paramValMSB[1], paramValLSB[1], paramValMSB[2], paramValLSB[2], paramValMSB[3], paramValLSB[3], SysExEnd};

// Sens SysEx
UsbMIDI.sendSysEx(sizeof(buff), buff, true);

A float has 4 bytes. And I had to split evey one of the 4 bytes of the float variable (paramVal) into 2 bytes (MSB and LSB), in order to have the bit 7 set to 0 on each byte, according to the MIDI protocol. Although this is not a very efficient solution it works.

Now, in OSCii Bot I wrote this to receive and reconstruct each byte:

valByte0 = ((str_getchar(oscstr, 3) << 4) & 0xF0) | str_getchar(oscstr, 4);
valByte1 = ((str_getchar(oscstr, 5) << 4) & 0xF0) | str_getchar(oscstr, 6);
valByte2 = ((str_getchar(oscstr, 7) << 4) & 0xF0) | str_getchar(oscstr, 8);
valByte3 = ((str_getchar(oscstr, 9) << 4) & 0xF0) | str_getchar(oscstr, 10);

Checking every one the bytes received, they match byte per byte with the ones sent from the controller. So far so good.

Now, the problem is how to construct a float number with these four bytes. I tryed this:

val = ((valByte3 << 24) & 0xFF000000) | ((valByte2 << 16) & 0xFF0000) | ((valByte1 << 8) & 0xFF00) | valByte0;

And although I get a 4 byte value with the 4 bytes in their right position and order, the value is interpreted as an integer. It doesn't follow the IEEE protocol: taking some bits for the sing, some for the exponent and some for the mantisa (which are indeed observed at the Arduino IDE on the other end). This is something I don't understand because inthe OSCii bot code reference says "Variables do not need to be declared, are by default global, and are all double-precision floating point".

So my question is this: how can I construct a float value in OSCii bot starting from 4 bytes? Is there any chance to make some casting like "float(var)" or something? (I tried, didnīt work).

Sorry for the very long post, but I couldn`t find a sorter way to explain this
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