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Default no sound in reaper with asio4all

hey guys this is my first post so hi. just warning you im a recording amateur

unfortunatly im having a problem with reaper. i used reaper for 2 years straight on my old laptop and i used asio drivers and everything worked perfectly. my old laptop was an HP G42. like i said everything worked perfectly (not to say i didnt have problems at the begining, but i eventually conquered them).

but that fateful day came when my hard drive crashed. so i went out and bought an HP pavilion G7. 6GBRAM and an intel core i5. and an onboard sound card. so im installin stuff like reaper and flstudio and once i get it all done i boot up reaper to see what kind of latency i get with asio drivers.

but theres no sound. so i start trying to figure out what the problem is. i went to audio devices in reaper preferences and start messin with stuff there. i finally try switching to direct sound and BAM theres sound.

im telling you right now though that direct sound simply wont work for me because i get about 150ms latency where as asio i dont even get 15.

if anyone has any tips, ideas, or suggestions please reply here. ill be watching this post all day and tomorow so ty for replys!

p.s. sorry its so long, just trying to give u all the info
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