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"Prodyspace is a new kind of 4d-Panner which has been designed to put Instruments within a mix to the front or to the back. To achieve this effect, the Prodyspace uses delay-modulation (kind of spatial processing), intelligent filtering and very short reverberation
Not only you can place sounds in the left or right within a mix, now itīs even possible to place them in the front or back of a mix. This allows easy working with all types of sound sources. The Prodyspace has been designed to make it easier working with instruments that are different to mix. Now, mixing Instruments is a breeze!"

Works very well, imo, for room simulation. Left in the back of the room there's your bassist freaking, far to his right the drummer is going nuts, the guitarist is moving to the front playing slide with a bottle of Smirnoff and to his left the singer is shouting to shut the fuck up -

... but it will also bring a string quartet to life
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