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Hey guys

the SERVER service is LANMAN server for network shares and the browser service runs off the LANMAN service

So we have to reverse what the batch does like this

On the XP batch right click it and "edit"

on the list delete the services that are like these ones bellow and put these ones there instead ( copy and past these ones in the space that the others take up) so basically replacing these ones here on the bacth on top of the ones that originally shut them down.

Echo Server Windows shares main Server
sc config "lanmanserver" start= auto
net start lanmanserver

Echo Local network Browser Windows shares client (always on)
sc config "browser" start= automatic
net start browser

close that file and save it

Rerun the batch again... those 2 services will now turn on.

Any questions just post.

Network shares are neat however in a multi server-multi client only!! Business environments. This is needed due to the sheer numbers of users that need access to other files quickly, but creates many problems with security

I have never used network shares at home even when I was on Windows 98, it was always FTP to other machines on the network.

If you have Static IP's ( yes even Wifi can have static IP if that laptop is always used at home) then you can disable the DHCP service altogether

I always use static IP's in my home network and in fact every computer network is almost layed out like that, it creates less issues, it enhances security since no other hosts can get unto your network if DHCP is disabled on your router.

So if you want to keep DHCP on, just make this batch to stop the Wifi Service, run reaper, wait for reaper to finish, then start the wifi service again

@Echo Off
net stop WZCSVC
cd c:\Program Files\Reaper
net start WZCSVC

that stops the wifi, runs reaper and wait's for it to exit, starts wifi again all auto

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