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Originally Posted by adaragray View Post
did anyone try it yet and can give a little example?
Coincidentally, I've worked on a very similar MIDI<->OSC project just recently, so here's another midi2osc example (while I have (N)RPNs & stuff fresh in mind ):
Download: Generic midi2osc v1.0.

This one is a generic MIDI to OSC converter, it remaps any MIDI channel-based messages to OSC messages.
It also supports MIDI CC events with 14 bit resolution (optional):
  • CC pairs (CC#0 to #31)
  • Registered Parameter Number (RPN)
  • Non Registered Parameter Number (NRPN)
  • Should be compliant with MIDI specs: supports Reset RPN (0x3FFF), "All Controllers Off" (CC#121), etc..
Important! You must edit/tweak this file before you can use it: you at least have to define your own MIDI device input(s) and your own OSC server there.
=> Just open it in a text editor, everything is explained inside (as you'll see, there are other things you can customize -I made the code "tweak tolerant", well... to some extend).

Originally Posted by nym View Post
would this be helpful in overcoming REAPER's limit of only 16 dedicated control channels? (as per this issue:
I don't think midi2osc will help you about that, but I'm not sure it's what you need actually...
To be honest, what you described in your thread sounds a bit convoluted to me (doable with a single MIDI channel?) but it seems "MIDI-input specific assignments" is what you are really after there (I mean CC#4 on Channel 7 from device1 triggers something different than CC#4 on Channel 7 from device2)
=> midi2osc + the generic config here should help about that! (the script tags OSC messages with MIDI device "IDs")

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
Does this mean some clever person can make code to get my behringer bcf 20000 to actually get data feedback from plug-ins and update itself!?
no, sorry. you would need a proper control surface plugin, or "osc2midi" for that (not midi2osc).
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