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Thanks for the details on the basic functionality of Win 8, believe it or not that kind of basic answer is just what I was looking for :^).

Just one question, you say that "If you had a tablet form factor, you'd use it a lot more". Why is that? Do you mean because the tablet has easier immediate access to the touchscreen, whereas a notebook's screen is more angled and distant?

I ask that specifically because the Asus Transformer is a tablet/notebook hybrid, with a detachable keyboard that makes the screen into a full-featured tablet, complete with the USB port, etc.

Do you think you'd use the touchscreen features if you had just a tablet interface available to you, and didn't have to constantly reach over a keyboard and press against a screen that maybe moves away from you, or tips over the laptop, etc.?

And one more thing - you mention pinch-to-zoom. Can you zoom older, non-Win 8 apps, like for example Guitar Rig? That might be handy. But if they're zoomed, can you still move sliders and such? Or does it just slide the zoomed view around?!
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