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Video Suggestion:

Trim Envelope, and using it like the trim mode in Protools (doesn't have to be the title )

The all important action is:
Track: Swap volume envelope and trim envelope
That's the trim mode, without having to have a trim mode. The downside is that you have no visual indicator that you did this.

This enables some cool things, like trimming the entire volume envelope by an amount you set the fader to, with a little help of some actions.

Set Latch, swap volume/trim envelope, hit play, ride fader, find value, hit "write actively-writing to entire envelope", stop, swap trim/volume, apply trim to volume.

Those last four could be a custom action.

Also, combining envelopes that could together hit the upper deck on envelope resolution is a non-problem. The values are fine. It's just that the envelope display cannot show them, and the fader will basically screw those bits if you touch it at those spots.

So the trim envelope doubles as an extension of the limit, even when recombining the two envelopes.

I'm mixing a show next week where I intend to use these actions plenty. Gotta practice those shortcuts .
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