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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Video Suggestion:

Trim Envelope, and using it like the trim mode in Protools (doesn't have to be the title )

The all important action is:
Track: Swap volume envelope and trim envelope
That's the trim mode, without having to have a trim mode. The downside is that you have no visual indicator that you did this.


Yes please.

I missed this, didn't realise this existed at first and was bemoaning the lack of arming and fader control of the trim envelope. I put a shortcut on this and the coalesce actions as soon as I needed to use them, but a user toolbutton bar might also be a good workflow.

Also, another idea would be step note input in notation view, along with setup of user toolbuttons needed.

TBH, any notation videos would be welcome as it's a big feature-set for some users to absorb by written manual alone.

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