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Originally Posted by planetnine View Post
Yes please.

I missed this, didn't realise this existed at first and was bemoaning the lack of arming and fader control of the trim envelope. I put a shortcut on this and the coalesce actions as soon as I needed to use them, but a user toolbutton bar might also be a good workflow.
Same here. After the trim envelope was first introduced I thought "Yeah nice, but almost useless to me." I completely missed the introduction of the envelope swapping action.

It's pretty seamless too. If you're riding in Latch mode and swap during playback, the old envelope is matched out and no longer written to. Works quite well.

The bummer is the visual indication which is incidental at most.

Also, another idea would be step note input in notation view, along with setup of user toolbuttons needed.

TBH, any notation videos would be welcome as it's a big feature-set for some users to absorb by written manual alone.
Reaper Blog did a video on the 5.20 update that has a section by a notation user.
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