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Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
Draw linear or curved ramps in real time, chasing start values:
(An improvement over REAPER's built-in "Linear ramp CC events" mouse action.)
* If snap to grid is enabled in the MIDI editor, the endpoints of the ramp will snap to grid, allowing precise positioning of the ramp (allowing, for example, the insertion of a pitch riser at the exact position of a note).
* By using the mousewheel, the shape of the ramp can be changed from linear to curved (allowing the easy insertion of parabolic shapes).
* The script can optionally chase existing CC values, instead of starting at the mouse's vertical position. This ensures that CC values change smoothly.
* The script inserts new CCs, instead of only editing existing CCs.
* The script does not change or delete existing events until execution ends, so there are no 'overshoot remnants' if the mouse movement overshoots the target endpoint.
* The events in the newly inserted ramp are automatically selected and other events are deselected, which allows immediate further shaping of the ramp (using, for example, the 2-sided warp (and stretch) script).

Drawing at low resolution:
Preferences -> MIDI editor -> Events per quarter note = 4 (1/16th notes).
Endpoint snap-to-grid either enabled (at 1/4 note grid) or disabled.
The mouse wheel doesn't work to curve the parabolic on my computer. It does the default "zoom" function when it's over the CC lane. I can do a linear with this "chasing" script, but mouse wheel does not curve it. Why not? How can I curve my CC like your video?

My video:

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