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The Insert linear or shaped ramps between selected events script has been updated with easier-to-customize parameters in the script's User Area.

Originally Posted by lowellben View Post
Ok, I think I understand.

So, I go into actions? Or no. How would I make a mousewheel shortcut, for example? Can you give me an example? Thank you kindly!
It is very similar to adding a keyboard shortcut:
- Open the Actions window, select the script and click on "Add" near the bottom left corner of the window.
- When the "Keyboard/MIDI/OSC Input" dialog box opens, instead of typing a keyboard shortcut (such as Alt+Cntl+C), simply move the mousewheel while holding down some combination of keyboard modifier keys (these are Alt, Control, Shift or Win). For example, hold down Alt and Ctrl while moving the mousewheel. The dialog box will show the mousewheel shortcut that you entered, something like "Ctrl+Alt+Mousewheel".

(Do not use a combination of modifier keys that you are already using for another mousewheel shortcut, such as zooming.)
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