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A little late here but I'm trying to track down the cause of a recurrent BSOD (0x124) that keeps happening in Win 7 x64 SP 1 with Reaper v. 5.201 (and happened at least as far back as 5.20) that only ever happens with Reaper running and my mini dump files all blame Reaper, however it's always been with one project arrangement that I use frequently that has the same set of plug-ins. I suspect a rogue plug-in since I have yet to have this crash happen with any other Reaper project running (it also seems to always be when i also have either Firefox or Chrome open).

I'm posting in this thread because one of the plug-ins is the Dynamic Spectrum Mapper dist. by Plugin Alliance. I'm not sure what to do next to narrow down the actual culprit for the crash but I'll post back if it turns out the signs are pointing to the Plugin Alliance one.

I know 0x124 is usually "hardware related" but I'm convinced this isn't hardware since it only happens under one very narrow set of circumstances and several times Reaper has been idling with the aforementioned setup loaded but transport stopped so not even pushing anything in the system at all.

That said I guess it could be my nVidia driver so I'll update that soon (it's pretty recent, though).
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