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@Plazma, @all
If you have problems with scripts in particular, please check the source code of the script to see if there is a dedicated thread, or at least a way to contact the author directly.
This thread is dedicated to ReaPack extension itself, not to scripts that you can download with it.

You are asking for assistance once again, after having publicly said that you don't want to bother with this extension, that you are not interested by what it does because of data miner etc...
And still, in all your message, no "thanks for your work", "thanks for your extensions", "thanks for your service" or anything that would encourage free contributors in anyway, not even a simple "hello".
So, if you want someone to take you hand at every single click, you can't expect that it will happen from here anymore. Like every other 1000 users, you can just read the online docs, watch online videos, read article... and just figure it out by yourself.

ps: you misspelled ReaPack in your last post title. It is ReaPack, like REAPER not Repack, like REPER...


Glad you like it :P you were one of the early Lua scripts adopters, so it is cool that you appreciate this new way to share scripts
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