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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It is but IMHO much of that should have happened during the composition. I'm not saying a mixer shouldn't do it, they should, but I am saying if the mixer finds themselves automating the shit out of it to do so, I start questioning the composition - I guess as a musician I place a hell of a lot of expectation on them.

I had to remove any and all guitars starting with the first verse for example (at least I think I did). There are a number of others but no need to mention since I don't think they were noticeable enough to discuss - they are visible in the project anyway.
Funny you say that - as a bassist, whenever I'm working with any kind of ensemble, and something isn't quite gelling, playing fewer notes, or simply not playing at a certain spot really offers some room to breathe. As I've played with numerous bands and such over the years, I've more than a few times said, "You know, we don't all have to all be playing all the instruments and all the notes all the time."
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