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Originally Posted by joelsampson View Post
Somewhat off topic, but thought I would post this in this thread.

I have been using Ubuntu Studio for years. I really like the LXCE window interface. This also has a low latency kernel. I was not doing much music production with it. I mostly write Python on Linux plus some general business and graphics. However, Ubuntu 16.04 seems to be very "quirky" if not plain buggy. I was having major issues with Wine and much more.

I switched to Mint LXCE which easily installed on three PC's (an older desktop, HP x360 Convertible laptop and a Toshiba laptop) and seems to be very stable. I wrote a little BASH script to install all the apps I needed.

Anyway, thought my experience might help someone else. I'm looking to try Reaper. I have quite a few U-he plugins, which should work. The U-he plugins sound great, work great and have a license similar to Reaper.
There's a mint LXCE? I've heard of LXDE and XFCE, but not LXCE. Which one do you mean? They're both light desktop enviros, both probably good for Reaper Linux. I think you made a typo (sorry, hate to be a stickler, but this matters as they are two different DE's).
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