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I'm seeing it too. When inserting the VST3 version of the plugin on a track with greater than two channels, it appears to revert to a mono instance with a single mono sidechain input.

On a track with two channels, it operates in stereo.

This actually kind of works well for me because, when I do multichannel tracks, I'm generally panning mono sources to surround. But if you're working with true multichannel content, or using it on a multichannel bus, that would obviously not work well. Having the thing operate as a multichannel plugin would be ideal.

But not every plugin I own operates as multichannel. FabFilter stuff doesn't, for example, which drives me nuts with regards to bus processing in surround mixes.

I'd be curious to know whether they think this is even within the scope of the tool. iZotope essentially told me no way when I asked about getting Neutron working multichannel in Reaper, and I've since dropped using it (although already lost the money).
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