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Originally Posted by spasmoid View Post
Im running Reaper(64) v5.62
with ReaPack v1.2
in this folder C:\Program Files\REAPER\UserPlugins
I have relaunched several times
I went to the menu editor and RESET all menus

Still not showing up in the menu
Not showing up in Actions list

Nothing too exotic about my installation. It's not a portable install. I did notice that UserPlugins did not exist so I created it.

I'm running windows 10 (up to date)

Any ideas?
Okay when I was reading through everything, I did notice that someone mentioned something about a roaming profile. Is this the Reaper installation default? Am I the only one in this thread who has this folder?

Anyway, seems to be working now.

Might be a good idea to mention this possibility in the installation guide.
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