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Hey Christian, thanks for the quick reply!

Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
First put @noindex as header in the function file so reapack-index won't think it's a package on its own.

Then, yes, put @provides MIDI functions.lua in the header of your script to add it to the file list. It can be in any folder of your repository. For example: @provides ../Functions/MIDI functions.lua.
Okay, great! The spaces in the file are no problem? Or will I need to put the filename in '' ?

Originally Posted by cfillion View Post
Note that only one unique package can own a particular filename on the user's computer. If you need to share this function file among multiple packages it must be installed under a different name for each. Using reapack-index this can be done like this: @provides ../Functions/MIDI functions (path on the repository).lua > ../Functions/MIDI functions (unique name of your choice).lua.

Sorry, I'm confused, is a package a single script or a complete repository?
Let me explain, what I got. I have several transpose scripts. They all will use a function in MIDI functions.lua. Will this work?
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