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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
On the other hand, doesn't the need of duplicating the "MIDI functions.lua" defeat the purpose of swapping out the functions?
You don't have to duplicate MIDI functions.lua yourself. There can be only one master copy of it on the repository and ReaPack installs it (the version of it at the time of the package's release) under a different name of your choice to avoid conflicts. For example, if:

Package A v1 -> requires Functions.lua @ 2016-11-12
Package A v2 -> requires Functions.lua @ 2017-12-14
Package B v1 -> requires Functions.lua @ 2016-11-12
Package B v2 -> requires Functions.lua @ 2017-12-15

A user may decide to install Package A v1 and Package B v2. In such a case, ReaPack wouldn't know which version of Functions.lua to use and one or the other package would be potentially broken!
That's why Package A and Package B cannot both claim ownership of Functions.lua at the same time (in this case ReaPack refuses to install Package B until Package A is uninstalled or vice versa).

Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
Jason (aka Tack) for example did it in a different way:
Having a dependency be a package of its own is unsafe because it is not guaranteed to be installed alongside the scripts that needs it. It can also be updated or downgraded independently of the scripts that may or may not need a specific version to work. This is not ideal.

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