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Hey guys, what's up?

Just a quick update about 2018!

First of all, I want to let you guys know that the contest will start again on February 1st and not in a couple of days.
Besides, I'll be choosing a song this time (then, as usual the winner chooses the song for the following month).
That means that in 2018, yes there will be 11 songs to mix and not 12 but there are also lots of things planned throughout the whole year. So, in a nutshell that means less songs but more content in general.
Don't want to share details yet, but you can expect a few things, such:

- The website will be slightly restructured, so that old songs will always be available to download without DM me as well as all the user projects

- The Facebook page will be used more and more because I can reach more people and expand the contest even more, but I'll always make sure to keep the forum up to date.

- On the forum this thread will be the main plaza (xD) for the contest. Previously this thread was an old month thread or something, so the users had to always enter the right thread to ask something.

That's it for now. Honestly 2017 was a blast and a bit of a ride. In 12 months this contest has grown a lot and it now has a great community that every month comes back to hang out, do some mixing, have a laugh and learn something new.

I miss a few users that haven't heard in while and that I got along quite well, so I hope to see some old faces (as well as new ones of course!) in February!

That being said, I'm really happy with how this past year turned out, hope you enjoyed the contest, happy new year and I'll see you guys veeeeeeery soon!

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