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Originally Posted by jonboper View Post
If this doesn't work that's okay, I'm amazed by your work on this as is. Maybe barring all options translating there could be some kind of "best practices" that describes the state of a project that will cleanly translate. Something like:

(for example only)
1. Unfreeze all tracks
2. Enable all FX and FX racks
3. Bounce slip-edited clips

Whatever the things are that make the project translate most directly. That way we can save a 'forTransfer' project that will look most how we expect when opening in Reaper.
I would say:
1. avoid ProChannel / Filters
2. bounce region FX, step sequencer and AudioSnap

I am working with frozen tracks now, so it should somehow work soon. FXes and slip-edits should not be a problem already now (since the second alpha).

I think older CWP files should work in general, I just need examples. The problem is that I have no idea which parts of CWP files was introduced when. So I can assume some part is "essential", while the conversion can happened even without it. An examples can sort that out.

In general, examples of what is not working at all or works incorrectly is the only way to improve the conversion. Several early "alpha testers" have done a great job helping me.
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