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Default Track Wiring / Hackey Machines (Buzz inspired routing UI)

Hello all,

I will start this one off similarly as my other thread for the tracker. I don't know if anyone has migrated from Buzz or Psycle to REAPER, but if so, then this one might be for you. It's a relatively simple GUI plugin that allows adding and routing machines in a buzz/psycle-like workflow. Positions of your machines in the UI are stored in your RPP files.

Reapack compatible repository here: with a full description of how to use it.

Installation guide
(1. Install SWS)
2. Add repository to ReaPack.
3. Using Reapack, install "Hackey Machines Loader" and "Hackey Machines: An interface plugin for REAPER 5.x ..."
(4. Go to show action list and bind a key to OpenMachineView.lua)
5. When you open it for the first time, press F10 to customize your plugin loadout tree. These are the ones you will see in your outer mouse button list.
6. Press F1 for help

Highlight signal chain

Importing templates.

Manipulation of volume, panning, name, solo/mute status, to/from channel.

Deleting machines

Day theme

Note that in order to add machines from this interface, you have to make a list of machines you want available. You can edit this list by pressing F10 (I tested this for windows, but am not sure whether it works on Mac as well). This opens notepad with the file that needs customization. This file will not be overwritten by updates to Hackey Machines.

I'm still actively developing it, so if you run into a problem with it or have a feature request don't hesitate to ask. Please note that it is still relatively early in development, so save often!

Happy Routin'!
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