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Been hard at work this weekend

Some highlights:
+ Had an issue with machine deletion not properly propagating folder-depth (special thanks to Meta for helping me out with this one).
+ Added undo/redo/save/load shortcuts.
+ Template support!
+ Added automatic alphabetical sorting of instruments and templates.
+ Improved dark theme (switch with F5)
+ Made sure master keeps name "MASTER"
+ Made delete behaviour more buzz-like (deleting a machine removes all connections).
+ Added controls to change source and dest channel.
+ Display panning 0L(eft) as C(enter).
+ Added help under F1.
+ Added multi-delete and multi-hide.
+ Add selection ability.
+ Fixed bug with arrows taking precedence over block on top of them.
+ Minor tweak simulation algorithm to ignore unmatched machines.

Importing templates.

Manipulation of volume, panning, name, solo/mute status, to/from channel.

Deleting machines
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