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Holy crap dude...I can't believe how you already blasted through my list like some kind of magical code genie! Simply amazing. Thanks! Lemme try this out now...

EDIT: Oh man, such good stuff here. The signal flow animations are going to be SO helpful!

I love that there is a feature called "weird stuff," even if I don't yet know what it does... Heheh.

Ok, so lemme explain try to my issues a bit better (while trying not to be too demanding ):
1. I failed to read the very instructive instructions before use , so apologies.
2. The window now passes esc, so I can toggle other windows, but I actually meant that I want to also close this window with esc. My workflow generally involves opening floating Reaper windows like this one full-screen (or many small ones, arranged around the screen) and hitting esc to toggle hiding them, but this window behaves differently and becomes a roadblock to my normal workflow. Only way to close it when in focus is with the mouse. As well, none of my normal shortcuts work while this window is open.
3. On that same note, the toggle action to close the window can't be run from keyboard shortcut because the window steals focus. Perhaps it could be made to pass all keyboard shortcuts to the main window, apart from those it's using?
4. What I meant by in/out nodes: I'm lazy to do a mockup, but I picture small circles along two opposite sides of the machine boxes, one for each plugin channel; ins on one side and outs on the other. I don't know if you planned to expand the routing wires to also describe the pin connections, or if that's quite a lot of work or even possible, but it would be tremendously useful.
5. I can of course get used to middle mouse drag and middle clicking; I only requested those options because they either conflict with my workflow (I use right click drag navigation in Reaper and several other programs), or with Reaper standards (alt click to delete/disconnect). In use, I'm finding it's very easy to accidentally delete things when I accidentally click the middle mouse while scrolling to zoom or middle-click-dragging the view. Undo is cool for this, except it restores the deleted machine to some other location, which is confusing. And since you can drag the view and delete them in the same motion, easy to miss.
6. Zoom is a bit slow. Any chance of some 2x or 4x options?
7. Some sort of grid snapping would help to keep things organized.
8. Middle clicking the MASTER track crashes the script.
9. An option to hide the wires altogether (except when hovering the cursor), could be helpful in organizing big projects, as they tend to be massive spiderwebs.
10. If the machines could show the track color when displaying the track name, that would also be great for organization. Like, 50% opacity over the whole thing would be prolly be great. Or even just a full opacity bar or square indicator.
11. Changing the level/pan volumes etc is very fast. Can it be less sensitive or fine-tune-able?
12. And as a final nitpick, I think the letters DEL would be more clear and obvious an abbreviation than REM.

Sorry if I'm being overwhelming with my enthusiasm and abundant suggestions... Thanks for hearing my them and providing this very exciting tool! I hope that even those unfamiliar with Buzz can also appreciate how cool it is to do routing this way. Maybe it looks crazy to the uninitiated, but for me it's like coming home. And more importantly, improved, as with this ability to see the signal flow!

Really rockin work here, dude! Thanks as well for the PM, cluing me in about its existence!
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