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Originally Posted by jm duchenne View Post
Oooh, you build it in some Eurorack kind of format ?
Not Eurorack. I'm not a big fan of the tiny 3.5mm sockets and cramped panels on Euro gear. This one is full sized Moog Unit format.

This is still a work in progress and I have a bunch more modules on their way from the USA right now.
Here's a photo I took of it a few days ago. The cabinet I'm working on right now is the one in the middle between the Roland System 700 sequencer and Minimoog Voyager.

Originally Posted by jm duchenne View Post
I have bought a MatrixBrute this year, and it is the kind of financial choice that limits other possibilities !
The MatrixBrute is certainly a very cool synth. I haven't played one in person but I like what Arturia have come up with here. Reminds me a lot of a cross between a Minimoog and an EMS VCS3.
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