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Default OT: Any Linux Calculators that don't suck?

Why do all the Linux calculators suck so bad? I've searched high and low for one that can do simple stuff like the stock Windows calculator and have only found either calculators with GIANT interfaces that still do stoopid things, or smaller and more useful sized ones that still act totally stoopid and require tons of extra keystrokes to accomplish basic things.

What I am looking for is a calculator that can deal with a series of entries like,

52.95-44.5675*125 [Enter] (only a SINGLE enter key press)

and come back with 1,047.8125 and not -5517.9875 which is what I get if not pressing [Enter] every step of the way.

Or can deal with me pasting a long series of numbers grabbed from other things I'm working on like.


and end up with 1,948 rather than getting a stoopid "nan" on the calculator display. It takes seven presses of the [Enter] key for the above example, and that is a very shortened example of what I frequently need.

I tried to bring the freekin' Windows calculator over to run in Wine, but it is so entangled in the OS I don't know if that's even possible. Issuing "wine calc" in a terminal window results in,

0009:fixme:actctxarse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" (

Anyway, sorry for the off topic, but since there are some savvy Linux users here, I thought I'd ask. Just today I had to boot Windows so I could paste a LONG list of numbers into it's calculator for simple addition purposes, and I'd really like to quit needing Windows completely and just stay booted up in Linux.
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