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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
If Windows is giving you 1047... for the equation up top then that's one more reason not to be using Windows... :P
The Windows calculator may work incorrectly from a math formula perspective, but typing in 1+2+3+4/5 [Enter] and getting the result of 2, is what I'm used to, and is quicker with fewer keystrokes.

Do you need visible buttons? If not, Speedcrunch can get really tiny. With keypads enabled, both it and Qalculate are a little smaller than the Gnome calculator.
I'd prefer for it to be like the screen capture I posted, where the calculator lives at the bottom left of my screen all day, where I can copy stuff from other applications I have running, and paste it into the calc for number crunching. I'll check out Speedcrunch. I don't mind smaller, but anything larger than the Kcalc I use now, would be less desirable for me.
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