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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
Looks like the terminology is "immediate execution" here, the same as with a real non-scientific calculator. Not a lot of options out there, but I did find this:

Alternatively, you could learn Reverse Polish Notation and have a lot more options.
Thanks for the link and the education on immediate execution. I downloaded that one and will give it a spin. It looks like it might fit the bill for the majority of the stuff I do.

I frequently will check a current stock price, subtract from it the price I bought some shares at, and then multiply by the number of shares I bought, which is where stuff like 55.25-44.5675*125 comes into play. That's probably the most simplistic kind of use I do, but after 20 or so years of entering it without the extra [Enter] being needed, it is a constant annoyance for me.
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