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I'm back!

The rename behavior is intentional. I thought it would make most sense to keep them the same to avoid confusion. Makes it easy to find which track you are clicking and vice-versa. I could add an option to allow them to be different, if you think that makes more sense for your workflow.

I added the reset to default option when you double-click.

This is strange, it seems that this happens for effects (also VSTs) with a space in the name. Also happens for me on windows. I will get on investigating this issue. Can you try adding a ReaEq (I just tested that one, it is a JSFX and it seems to work)? The entry that I have for that one is just "ReaEq".

Unsure for now. I mean, you can change the channels (notice the from/to dials, they are the channels). When the from/to don't exist, click outer mouse on the signal cable and click "SEND", this will change the send from a simple parent/child to a specific send where you can edit audio channel options.

As for within track (which is now represented as a single block), I'm not sure yet. Currently, you can open MPL's wired chain script with ctrl + double click on a track to edit that track's routing.
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