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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
The entire RME range runs the current drivers...

My FF400 is over ten years old, and uses the latest driver.
Cyrano seems to understand where I'm going with all this. Regardless if Behringer has been a contributor to ASIO4ALL, using open source is in our best interests and not just about developers relinquishing their responsibility.

Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
It's not as black-and-white as you seem to think.

An example outside of coding. A few years back, graphene was invented. The scientists who created it, put it in the public domain to keep it out of the hands of the corporate patent sharks. These were threatening the inventors even before the knowledge was released.

The same can be applied to open source. Release it and use that as proof you are the author and you created it and released it that day.

Years ago, I was involved in a software project that was brilliant and could have been saved if it had been released as open source. Now, it's gone because the company behind it went broke. The people who took over had no interest in the code, so they simply ignored it. Since then, I've seen it happen a number of times.
So I will put a preference towards supporting companies using open source code, in this case ASIO4ALL over proprietary ASIO drivers.
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