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Originally Posted by Rednroll View Post
Yet with ASIO being open source, no one has released code for it so multiple ASIO devices can used simultaneously like can be done with ASIO4ALL?
1. Open source does not mean "not proprietary".
2. ASIO4ALL does not allow to use multiple (not even single!) device throw ASIO driver. It allows aggregate several devices throw WDM driver into one device accessible throw ASIO API from user land software (DAW).
3. There are other aggregation solutions, f.e.

To stay a bit on topic and related to (2). Without World Clock and with digital connection in your setup, DBX is going to be the clock master throw S/PDIF. By itself that does not mean things will work bad, there is high probability the interface you choose can deal with that. But to be on safe side, choose the interface which support World Clock. In this case you can synchronize the rest from it and that is originally intended way for syncronization.
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