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I will need someone to point me to the location of the ASIO source code along with the available associated licenses before I start to believe it is open source in the truest sense of the definition.

^ello-well you can visit both ms windoze sdk +steinberg sdk pages to gather more info--oh+ you will probably also need to visit your national patents pages..
true open source-comes by 0 agreements=truth be told.
propellerheads softwares make their own brand of plugins not unlike vst,but rack extension techno..2 flips of the same coin tbmh..<still using asio tech though.

as soon you agree to anything- you enter a contract of some kind...
the only way around all this is if: a company like cockos created everything from scratch-- the operating system+the audio hardware+audio software/drivers,and made users not agree to any contracting of any kinds.
payments need not come in fake notes or promises-payments can come with humility,honesty,compassion,passion,grattitudes+ global co_operations.

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