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Apologies if I read too much into your statement! To justify a grifter-like SOP around planned obsolescence is what I wanted to quip about. This doesn't require hindsight. I'll drop my favorite company in an instant when I see this behavior take over. Like Apple for example. I may not be the smartest one in class but I know that planned obsolescence is intentionally dishonest and I know not to believe a single word from any company peddling such bs.
I made the statement earlier that standard interface connections change and so do the OSes which none of the interface developers have any control over. That was really the point I was making and the reason these interface devices tend to become obsolete. Now I agree, the better companies such as MOTU and RME tend to do a better job on supporting and revising their drivers on their older devices to be compatible with the newer OS changes, but they still have no control over when Microsoft, Intel or Apple decide to change their interface standard connector, which is kind of my point with the MOTU devices.

My Echo Audio PCI express audio interface cards I own had great drivers and driver support. They were one of the 1st companies which had drivers which allowed you to purchase multiples of their audio interfaces where they would all be in sync and worked together thus allowing you to expand your I/O capabilities when your needs for more I/O expanded. I own (3) of those Echo Audio PCI express card devices which allowed me to have 18in/30out with my DAW via ASIO or WDM driver support. I'm currently having a hard time figuring out a way to plug them into my laptop.

USB connections seems to be currently the most common interface connection. I find it odd that most of the interfaces out, they are only USB 2.0 compatible and not developed for USB 3.0. Seems they could benefit from the additional data bandwidth no? Maybe they're skipping straight to USB C or Apples latest supported interface connection?

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