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Originally Posted by vanhaze View Post
i indeed wonder why devs just don't have a look at the more basic DAW stuff to refine/implement such like this whole loop source debate.
I agree. Reaper is so (over-)sophisticated in many respects, but at the same time there are some DAW basics where it just feels lagging. Loop handling is one of them. If you have a looped 1 bar Midi item and want to make it two bars long, you have to erase all loops by moving the end of the item left to the end of the item source, switch off looping in item properties, extend the item to two bars, switch on looping again and drag the right edge of the item to othe right to loop it - five steps for such a basic task! A much quicker and more intuitive way to do this is to drag the item source end marker in the Midi editor or on the inline Midi editor, but I am not sure many people even know this because it is just a thin line that is hidden in the editors, and it is not mentioned in the manual. Why can't the item source length be changed directly in the arrange?
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