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Originally Posted by TonE View Post
Ok, now I found it, strange, thought after reapack syncing, I should see it immediately in fx list, somehow it did not appear there, thought the other is the new one. After restarting Reaper, bobby could be found.
Usually you still need to hit F5 on the plugin list to refresh it after syncing reapack

Originally Posted by Arthur McArthur View Post
All of these plugins are top notch, Saike. I'm excited about the potential of Squashman. I think it's going to be killer on saturating the mids on 808s and bass while keeping the lows intact. Keep up the great work!
Ghehe thanks. And yeah, hopefully it should be pretty good at this once I'm done with it. I've written some python code that generates JSFX code for efficient halfband FIR anti-aliasing filters for various upsampling factors, but I've yet to unroll this into Squashman and the other plugs. First I want to do some thorough testing on it.

I am actually doubting whether to also include these higher quality anti-aliasing filters into Filther (as people might have gotten used to its very slightly muffled sound now, and might not like more transparent upsampling filters). Adding it as yet another option also sounds a bit meh as the UI is already super crowded. Maybe I could make the FIR button default to the high quality new ones, and outer mouse to get the old ones if someone really wants those.
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