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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Argh, good point regarding the comb filtering effect! It totally makes sense. With my sleepy head I forgot to do delay compensation for the FIR filter. @_@

I will fix this very soon and do a proper AB subtraction test with polarity inversion. Until then, keep oversampling off.
Heh, I just tried it out this morning and one of the first things I did was an inverse polarity test just to see how transparent you'd got it...and pretty much the whole spectrum came through!

Would be nice to know which FIR windowing algorithm you used and also the down/up sampling. Life was much easier with me with ReEQ because luckily there are no non-linearities and so zero padding was the way to go (and it was easier to optimise too).

BTW, I just had a look at your spectrum analyser too. Awesome! It's my go to now. I may deprecate/retire ReSpectrum and just focus on ReEQ.

Your compressor really is very nice indeed.
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