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Default Newbie on Mint19.04: Reaper Jack Low Latency Kernel, and?


for many reasons I decided to leave Windows and I find in Linux Mint 19.04 my new comfortable workbench..... I have been looking for a method for a long time for work with audio on Linux but I find only tiny information about one starting point for newbie like me....Now I try to share one INCOMPLETE list that I write for install software for RT audio, but I don't understand if is correctly or if I lost anything (this list is a summary of information taken from forums, videos on youtube and more, but I dont know if is correctly or complete) ... please help me...

Natively mint does not provide the tools to work with real-time audio (right?)

1.I install the low latency kernel:
sudo apt install linux-lowlatency

2.Configure real time access.Add your current user to the audio group:
sudo adduser username audio
And then give the audio group real time access: Add this 2 lines to the file: /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf (You may have to create it)
@audio - rtprio 99
@audio - memlock unlimited
3. Add the KXStudio repository
download/install the kxstudio-repos.deb. and kxstudio-repos-gcc5.deb,
files taked from (also install the dependencies that will be required)
4. Install pulseaudio-module-jack
sudo apt install pulseaudio-module-jack
5. Install from Ubuntu Software Center qjackctl
6. Install Carla:
sudo apt install carla
7. Install Carla bridge for vst and vst3 plugins:
sudo apt install carla-bridge-win32 carla-bridge-win64
during this installation you are asked whether to keep or overwrite the audio.conf file generated at the step 2. I keep this file (is right?)

6. Install Reaper (Linux Vrs)

when all is installed, I put some vst and vst3 plugins in the /home/.vst and /home/.vst3 dir, run Jack, I open Reaper configured for work with jack, I scan the vst directory but these doesn't appear in the list....

what I wrong? Please help me!!!

do you really need to install it carla?

before installing carla, audio jack worked; when i installed carla, audio jack no longer connects to the server for the RT

this is my list with my errors.... please help me...

help me understand what I'm wrong and what I can do


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