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This is great! If I could make a humble suggestion for the 'bounce' option - I currently have it in a custom action with 'set track to next track color' so that it automatically recolours the new tracks to their original colour. Maybe this could be built in as an option if you're still working on it?

Also - it doesn't seem to work reliably on multiple items? If they are all lined up on the timeline but they are different lengths then some of them end up trimmed, or if they are all spread it out it adds in extra silence to fill the gaps - just checking this is expected behaviour and not user error?

I'm assuming it's processing them all at once via one time selection? Great for rendering out stems, but not ideal for items spread out along the timeline... any chance you could tweak it to re-draw the time selection between each render, so that they all remain the correct length? It would be slower I expect, but would be really helpful for me. I might have that figured out completely wrong, so my apologies if I've misunderstood how it's actually working.

Is there a means to donate? I expect I'll be using the script a lot if I can get this last issue ironed out.

Edit - the trimming of items WAS user error - didn't notice I had a time selection selected... (d'oh) However the adding in of additional silence is still there.

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