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cyrano, I did more a lot more testing. Let me throw some bullets down:


Hearing audible beeps in silent sections of track during playback.

. Computer #1, 2019 iMac Pro
. Updated OSX to Catalina (had same issue with Mojave)
. Re-Installed REAPER
. UAD-2 accelerator not plugged in
. Presonus Fire Studio audio interface not plugged in
. Mac sound effects off
. REAPER Open with one track
. Using a USB mic to enable an input signal
. Recorded a short ten second sound clip
. source material is my vocal counting one to ten with quiet spaced between recorded media
. Playback, Beeps are heard in the quiet spaces between me counting and one last beep on stop
. Note #1, If I move the track slider all the way up, the beeps are reduced to a click/pop, but still get one beep on stop
. Note #2, if the source material is a constant source, then there are no beeps during playback except for one beep when you click on the stop button or hit the spacebar to stop the track.

. Computer #2, 2016 MacBook Pro
. Updated OSX to from Mojave to Catalina
. No issues with Sierra, Mojave or Catalina
. All peripherals work as intended

Like I said earlier I bought the iMac Pro last week the day it hit the Apple store here in NH.
Given the price point of this computer I don't think there was a rush for REAPER users to make a run for this machine.

Would you be kind enough to steer me in the right direction to see if the Devs are aware of any issues with compatibility with the new iMac Pro and REAPER?

I would like know if anyone else is seeing the same issue.


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