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Originally Posted by woodslanding View Post
Okay, I've just been turned on to this thread, via gearslutz (how random!) and it's extremely exciting!

I had thought I would have to do a lot more rolling-my-own to get my controller working. Now the potential uses for my very modest X-touch mini are exploding!

Which has made me think of a feature I'd like...

I am in process of creating a master control panel gui for live use. I've been using a modified version of the Lokasenna gui stuff. It's coming along. What I'd like to be able to do is have a section of the gui devoted to showing what the behringer is doing at any given moment, based on the currently selected zone, selected channel, and any modifiers. Since you (are planning to?) support scribble strips, I'm wondering if this is already available.... just not sure where to hook into it.

I'm thinking along the lines of a .csv text string I can parse to populate a set of labels, which are laid out in the order the controls appear in the behringer, and colored and/or numbered according to the currently selected channel.

Is this (already?) possible?

Also not sure how this information would get to my script from reaper... that might be the most troublesome part! I guess it could be written to an .ini file that my script could read from. The problem then is just letting the script know when that data has changed.

Not quite sure what you're asking -- do you mean you wish to implement a virtual display for the mini -- one that would simulate scribble strips ?
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