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Originally Posted by MalcolmG View Post
In CSI.INI, I'm assuming:

- first listed port is the one CSI will listen on
- second listed port is the one CSI will send to (on the IP listed at the end of the line)

Is that correct? I'm assuming so, otherwise it wouldn't be receiving the messages in CSI to begin with.

As an aside, in the case of Lemur, both ports were 8000 (on different IPs, obv) For Reaktor, they were both on the local machine so they were different ports then.

I wonder if the free Reaktor player will run my Ensemble? That way you could test it without Lemur. Let me try that and see what I can find. Update: No, seems not

As far as the .ini file order just open the config panel, that will tell you

The next thing I would do is get Touch OSC since we have already have it working on OS X, Windows 10, iOS and Android, even if just to help troubleshoot the Lemur/CSI issues...
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