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Originally Posted by woodslanding View Post
An mst file from the stock csi install modified to have some primitive layout syntax (which csi would ignore, but the screen display could use.) The thought is that a user could put data into their mst file to match the physical positions of their controls, and the scribble strip toolbar would use that to place the controls onscreen.

It wouldn't have to integrate into the mst file, it's just an idea.... a proof of concept to see if I could parse such a file to extract layout data and place controls in the gui... I'm not a programming whiz, so that's encouraging

I'm still wondering if the list of control destinations in the currently active zone(s) is stored somewhere, or how else I might access it....
Ahh, Ok, it's usually not a good idea to alter file formats, but there is an easy solution, using the CSI naming convention.

Widget LayerA_RotaryPushA1
	Press 9a 00 7f
Widget LayerA_RotaryPushA2
	Press 9a 01 7f


Widget LayerA_RotaryA1
	Fader7Bit ba 01 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 01 7e 0.5

Widget LayerA_RotaryA2
	Fader7Bit ba 02 7f
	FB_Fader7Bit ba 02 7f 0.5


Widget LayerA_ButtonB1
	Press 9a 08 7f
	FB_TwoState 9a 08 7f 8a 08 00 0.5

Widget LayerA_ButtonB2
	Press 9a 09 7f
	FB_TwoState 9a 09 7f 8a 09 00 0.5


Widget LayerA_ButtonC7
	Press 9a 16 7f
	FB_TwoState 9a 16 7f 8a 16 00 0.5

Widget LayerA_ButtonC8
	Press 9a 17 7f
	FB_TwoState 9a 17 7f 8a 17 00 0.5

Widget LayerA_Fader1
	Fader7Bit ba 09 7f
Where the letter A,B,C means row and the number 1-8, means column.
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