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Default Three easily fixed UI buglets with program changes (Fixed in Reaper 6.0!)

I implore the Reaper Gods to address these three little issues which are real workflow killers for users of Reaticulate and in general anyone who deals with program change MIDI events.

1. Extremely difficult to click on program change bars to move Fixed in 5.985!

Trying to grab the little bar for the program change event frequently results in a miss. It appears that one must specifically click on the right half of the bar.

It should be possible to drag by clicking on anywhere within the bar, perhaps even with a few pixels tolerance on either side, and the text.

2. Program changes do not respect "CC selection follows note selection" Fixed in Reaper 6.0!

When "CC selection follows note selection" is enabled, selecting the note does not select the program event.

Moreover, even if the program change event is explicitly added to the selection, moving the note unselects the program change just as it's dragged. (Which I suppose is consistent with CC behavior too, it just prevents me from working around it in scripting.)

3. Erase tool doesn't allow side approachFixed in Reaper 6.0!

Erasing program changes requires clicking exactly right (and again see #1) which makes them cumbersome to delete in comparison to CCs.

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