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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Rats, not the progress I was looking for

I dug up a very old Magic Logic Control manual and found out you could turn on just the signal LEDS.

I was hoping the LCD display would continue to function normally -- alas seems like meter mode means both signal LEDS and display.

So what should happen ?

Should the lower LCDs become meters if you have FB_MCUVUMeter defined ?

Wish we could have our cake and eat it too, especially since the signal LEDs are so much better at the job than stealing the lower displays, which suck at it...
Ah, I see. Yes, it is a shame the meters still take over the lower display. I did a quick check on the stock Reaper MCU plugin and they take over there too. I'd just assumed (wrongly) that they'd only kick in when the transport was running.

I guess if they're going to take over the lower display it's probably best to have them working, then folks can decide if they'd rather have the meter or the pan info.

The pan info does come back if you turn a control when the transport is stopped. Maybe if I put the VUMeter in it's own Zone I could flip back and forth? I there a way the Pan Zone can auto GoZone on transport stop? Just thinking out loud
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