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I'm fairly left leaning on social issues, but, man, the fact that someone was actually upset by a profile tag (Mortal) is baffling to me. There's certainly a lot worse happening in the world today. Looks like Justin bent on that (which is fine, because that's not a hill worth dying on, really), but I don't know how some people survive in life if that's something that hurts them that deeply.

Also, I haven't been here long enough to get caught up in politics. There are quite a few posters here I really like. I have seen a few such similar posts, and they honestly seem a little too attention-grabbing for me. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

I thought I'd comment on the "instruments" point though. For me, it'd be awesome to have some built ins that were really good, but I'd rather too that the developers focus on more important things that we need. There are enough experts in that area, and enough free VSTis to use that I don't really need this, personally. No harm in saying you'd like it though (although your tone throughout is not something that makes me want to put any effort into reading most of your other points).

Really though, you're clearly upset about this product.. I'm not, I am not going to get anything out of this post, but figured I'd comment a couple things anyways.
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