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Originally Posted by Joe90 View Post

Reaper links certain parameters of selected tracks already which is great. It would be nice if we could link ALL of them. We have some excellent live FX parameter linking scripts, but if we had this fully implemented natively then we could also link send controls, and link the adding/removal of plugins and sends. It would work by slot - so if you adjust/remove/add a send or effect in a certain slot then the same happens on the respective slots across all selected tracks (while this linking option is turned on of course).
I agree parameter linking would be useful and it should be a global thing where any parameter can be grouped with any other ie: "parameter groups".. then you could set different relationships in the same group... ie: have an invert option so lowering one setting raises others.. have ratio's so different parameters adjust at different rates to each other.. have master/slave and hierarchy options etc..

if there were no limits on the amount of groups then you could create complex relationships between lots of settings and used in conjunction with automation it would be very powerful.
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