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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
if i understand correctly, color-by-track (and its selected color version) is not a theme-controllable parameter. if i'm wrong, can someone please indicate which part of colormap i can edit to control selected color-by-track midi data? both fill and outline?

edit - no need. i've confirmed that colormap has no effect on track-colored midi.
we need need need to be able to specify "selected" color.
i can't see what's selected at all in 6 - it was already hard to do in 5

look at this for 1 second and tell me what's selected
(or don't, because i don't remember and wouldn't be able to tell you the answer)
edit: it's the blue notes with the lighter outline.
ugh, just let me define that outline color myself

Yes, notes in the MIDI editor become blurred when the track has some color set.
If the track is the default color, the note in the MIDI editor is clear and distinguishable, but there is no way to know which track the current note belongs to through the color? This is very troublesome in the complex MIDI project.
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